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by Eight Lives Down

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The masses speak, they never lie Social justice, they must die Accuse the world It must be them After all have you not suffered long enough Restrict your fear Call for vengeance After all you were martyred long before the cause Resent them all No thought to spare After all no one gave you any chances Control yourself Castrate their brains After all they refused to let you have a voice You made a judgment call but it's too late Because you failed to anticipate Your apathy would slowly turn to hate Now we're devolving at an alarming rate The masses spoke, it was a lie Just noises and a threat to try Raise a white flag We are the ones to blame Gag all our lives We're nothing but a stain
Misguided 04:01
Can you hear it They declare fit Those who just sit Learn what they say Follow their way Brainwashed you stay This rage is misguided 1x1 2x2 3x2 Fuck you and your borrowed dream Fuck your dead eyes staring at the screen Fuck your faith and all you've seen Fuck yourself and who you've been Cursed with a short fuse My patience's wearing thin Explode, implode and always lose My thoughts chaotic, flailing Losing sight of reasoning My capacity to articulate is failing Can't restrain this Fuck you... Bow down your head Ideas you fed Wanted you led And you obeyed And made the grade But now you fade
Angela 03:56
Gather all your things together Put them in the trunk Calm your sister and coax her down From the second bunk Don't believe the men when they say Nothing is wrong Do not look into their eyes Just sing this harmless song Left right left right We'll never be alone Right left right left March us far from home Let me go // I hate this show Already know // Reap what you sow Must undergo // Murder in the snow Time to forgo // This overthrow Drown in the rain // Encompass pain Forsake my name // Hold down to tame Existence maimed // Used as a game No cause to feign // Get me off the train Give them all your things forever Don't amount to much Keep a tight grip on your feelings Use them as a crutch Hold your limbs out, do not struggle Branded you belong Do not look into their eyes Just sing this working song Left right left right...
Against all odds they survive Trampled on so others thrive Mislead, misguided many times Losing life forced into lines Now they struggle to adapt All their will and beliefs sapped They become a source of contempt A generation that dreamt We are too close to see ourselves The universal psyche delves In similarities but not In what caused our souls to clot From the cradle, from the cot We find our minds oft too hot To withstand our frozen forms Our lives tormenting us with storms They find it hard to understand How they were dealt this dreadful hand How the one that they let rule Could have been fatally cruel In others they still stir fear For one can listen but never hear The philosophy into which they dive Makes others wish not to be alive Σώσον, Κύριε, τον λαόν Σου Και ευλόγησον την κληρονομίαν Σου Νίκας τοις βασιλεύσι κατά βαρβάρων δωρούμενος Και το σόν φυλάττων, διά του Σταυρού Σου πολίτευμα Κύριε ελέησον [x2] Αμήν [x2] A decaying nation A generation of Children that wish to die Before they find out why We are represented By drugs and resented For not wanting a part In this state we didn't start We never want to fight Or stand for what is right We've seen all this before How you started this war We can see straight through you We're against all you do We never want to sing We don't want anything Apathy kills x3
Sacrifice 03:52
The needles Pierce through my skull The tubes run Into the wall Connected To the unknown An abomination Standing eight feet tall Inject me With testosterone Stand back I'm always near I feel nothing My senses dull My muscles Begin to tear A monster Steel and death All my needs Are all base I can see Without eyes I am one With this space Watch me rise Cower in fear Terminate This is the start I command And I demand Sacrifice Tear out your heart
A variation bent my mind Behind what I had thought Was possible A distortion skewed my view to new Horizons I thought improbable I find myself destroyed and scattered Find a way to organize your mind And capitalize Explain why we fell behind And generalize Oversimplify the whole process And rationalise It's obvious if either side is wrong Then neither side is right I am drowning in misinformation ad mortem And I don't care I see no point in a joint effort to collaborate and recreate the fantasy we just destroyed I am annoyed by my own indifference I've lost all sense of reason My treason will appear against myself as I give up on it all
Colder 04:20
I feel a rip in the slit In my throat Compromise your position And your false integrity Pretend that you offer To your imagined democracy Run home to your shelter Hide under your rock They say birds of a feather So don't stray from the flock Time is running out And I think it's getting warmer And I think we're getting colder And I think that we fucked up Never had a doubt Neither primer nor a former Our outsides are getting bolder But our brains do interrupt I turned cold You turned blue The tables turned They think we're through The water rushes through I remain unscathed Advertise for admission Into the few social elite Disregard yourself as a buffer Conflate survival with conceit Block everyone else out Lock yourself indoors A wolf in sheep's clothing Paperwork as your claws The rip and the slit in my throat just grew colder and I'm older And I think this is the end
Why 09:02
Why do you always try Will you always end on your knees In the dark Far from the trees You used to climb How do you still allow Your every whim to rule your heart In the dark You could still start To see a light Time is always on our side Time is always What do you always spot In the distance as A dead end In the dark Find a friend Within yourself Who better than you knew A way to survive This abyss Yet in the dark Your soul does hiss Against itself Time is always on our side Time is always Time doesn't care if we live or die or if we cry in the night out of sight Time doesn't care for anyone or any sum offered up out of luck Time doesn't care for anyone but we're too blind to see Time is never standing still and so we're always free Time is always on our side Time is always Time has no cause or effect Time's indifferent


Extreme metallers Eight Lives Down (United Kingdom) released their debut full-length album 'Humans' via Cult Of Parthenope on 5th September 2020.


"Humans" explores aspects of the human condition and mental tendencies. Perspectives are often shifted within songs, jumping from rage to fear to sociopolitical statements and the confusion they cause. This is reflected in the music, which plays with time signatures, song structure and a variety of musical influences.

The band has its roots in groove and thrash metal but constantly branches out stylistically incorporating influences from prog, death and black metal, as well as various other musical genres such as punk, blues and traditional folk music, while vocals range from low growls and high screams to clean and even operatic phrases. All of this creates a truly unique sound, unmistakably heavy and angry, yet refreshingly different and unpredictable.


released September 5, 2020

'Humans' was mixed & mastered by Dan Baune at Noise Foundry Productions while drums were recorded at A-Tonal Recording Studio.

Artwork by Dylan Sutton.


all rights reserved



Eight Lives Down

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